Lord Family Midnight SmackdownMature


        Iris and her boyfriend left us shortly after we began the trick-or-treating fun; something that Darrin and Cam would mercilessly tease her for over the course of the night. Percy tired quickly, however, and we were forced to return home only an hour after we had gotten our first pieces of candy.  
       “I still think you two should have been Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum,” Lyre told me in the car. Locke sat in the back, jammed between the two “ladies.” The three of them were carrying on uproariously, but Darrin pushed his head over Locke into the front seat long enough to tell my sister that he thought “the wonder twins would be much more appropriate.”Kevin laughed.
        “Nah. I think y’all’s costumes were perfect.”
        “But you were the same thing last year,” Lyre protested.
        “So? You’ve been Batman for three years running.”
        “But I was a candy-pimp this year, complete with prostitutes. I broke tradition -”
        “Technically, Lyre,” my brother interjected, “we were not the same thing last year. If you recall, I was Scooby, and Hobbes was Shaggy.”
        “Yeah,” I agreed. “See, we switched.” She rolled her eyes.
        “Fine. Whatever. But I’m still going to be Batman again next year. Well, if I’m here.”

        That night, we threw all acceptable sleeping behaviors out the window. Mario Karts on the Wii provided ample entertainment for all, as well as healthy competition between family members. There were only four controllers, and the bottom player of every race had to switch out with the next in line. The queue of waiting players did shrink as the night turned into morning and some of the younger children went to bed. The eight of us still awake nagged to have fun without the rest.
        “Ha! I just flattened you all, just so you know,” Lyre announced as her character passed the finish line.
        “And Boo’s second,” Ella smirked as she came in on Daisy’s heels. The two reached over Rob, aiming for a high-five, but were blocked by a short blow from Darrin.
        “Yes. I just Karate-chopped your compatriotism.”
        “You’re just mad you lost to us,” Ella teased her brother. He stuck out his tongue and flicked her nose. She yelled and retreated to the other end of the couch with her controller to nurse her wound, wedging herself between Rob and the arm of the couch where Lyre was perched.
        “Are these bubbles?”Kevin called from the bucket of leftover Halloween favors.
        “Well, um, yeah. I think so.” He smiled, looked at them, and chucked them at Iris as hard as he could. She screamed and threw her hands over her head as we laughed.
        “Hey! The parent’s are still alive! Awake! I mean awake,” Lyre protested tiredly, and giggled.
        “Please don’t throw objects at me,” Iris mumbled.

The End

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