What's a Family Get-Together Without Dressing Young Males in Dresses?Mature


                 I don’t even remember what we did with the first two hours of the night. Played games with the younger children, watched funny television, and enjoyed our laughter together. When the younger children finally were sent, protesting, to bed, we began talking about Halloween costumes. Rob refused to wear one; but Kevin was game for anything.

                 I don’t remember when, but at some point, Lyre suggested dressing him up in drag. Aunt Brenda’s face lit up, and she disappeared, calling down from upstairs ten minutes later. We found her on the landing with a box full of every bridesmaid dress she had ever worn. I chose a light-blue satin one. It was tea-length and covered in thick, off-white lace, giving it the impression of a very old tablecloth.

                Lyre and Aunt Brenda spent a few minutes trying to get him to fit.

                “Honey,” she said. “I think you’re so skinny that it will be just big enough for you to fit. Think of it. I was once the same size as you.” She chose a long, ruffled dress in Chinese red for Darrin. It had a matronly short-jacket in the same lurid color, which just managed to stretch across his broad shoulders.

                “Now let Iris do your makeup,” Lyre told them, giggling. She pushed them into Ella’s room, towards the two screaming girl’s, armed with glitter and lipstick. From the other side of the door, we could hear them protesting. “Hey. Darrin’s eye shadow is prettier than mine! I want shimmer, too.”

                “I want a purse, too,” Darrin called to his mother. She laughed

                “Alright, sweetie. I have the one that went with the dress somewhere in here…”

                Eventually they were complete, dressed, made-up, and properly accessorized with purses, wigs, and barrettes. Balled-up socks served to fill the busts (Kevin’s were a bit askew the entire night). Naturally, a photo shoot commenced, and Aunt Brenda was in her element, snapping pictures of the most hilarious poses imaginable. By the end, we were crying with laughter.

                As we followed Lyre and Ella upstairs, we heard Kevin call from the dining room, “Iris! Your boob job sucks.”

                We didn’t sleep much that night, or rather, not at night whatsoever. Iris went to bed early; around midnight, but we stayed up in the playroom (which had been converted into the male sleeping quarters), just talking and laughing, catching up. The girls went to Ella’s room a little after four in the morning, and Darrin left for his room shortly after. We fell asleep almost immediately.

The End

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