Superhero DayMature


                We piled out of Lyre’s car into the school parking lot, a colorful crew of superheroes. “Ok,” Batman said, “Do you think you can take Dashiell to his classroom today, Holden?” She directed her question to the Green Lantern. He nodded as he pulled on his gloves and hoisted our little brother, dressed as a giggling Underdog, onto his shoulder. I turned to my twin.

                “Let’s go, Flash.” He nodded seriously, and we took off across the parking lot. I held my arms out, as if I was flying, and Hobbes made exaggerated running motions with his arms. We made a circle of a row of cars before returning to get our backpacks. Batman stood with her arms akimbo, unamused, as Robin and Wonder Woman laughed.

                “Just get your stuff out of my trunk so I can lock the car,” she said, voice muffled by the mask.

                “Okay, okay, jeez.”

                “So, Bertrand,” Hobbes began. “Don’t you think Mr. Carroll may be a little less than approving of your costume choice? I mean, cross-dressing is sort of frowned upon in most societies.” We laughed.

                “Well, I’m completely covered, so, he can deal,” Wonder Woman replied, flourishing his lasso. “I mean, Lyres Batman, so I don’t see why I can’t have a bit of fun.” Lyre sighed.

                “Go to class,” she said. “Now.” Hobbes and I left with our books, laughing. On our way to our homeroom classroom, we noticed there weren’t many Wonder Women. There were quite a few Spidermen and Batmen, and more than a couple X-Men – mostly Wolverines.

                “Hey, Locke.”


                “I love Superhero Day.”

The End

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