Below the horizonMature

 Sticking to me
Attacking me
I lay down once again

My breathing gets heavier as the darkness teases me
Shadows holding me down
The presence of this dreadful creature shakes me to the core
Confusing me
How can something so hateful remain unseen
It creeps upon me and holds me tight yet its hate never manifests into form

The window gives a small glimmer of hope
The knowledge that life is behind that glass
Beyond my prison
This prison is not my own making
I tell myself this every night
How could something so foul and cruel not be real
How could I imagine something so hurtful to myself

In the morning it will be gone and I shall breath once more
But the dread shall remain
Along with the bruises across my wrists where its angry hands held me tightly

I did not make these cuts and bruises
They made me

The End

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