being sickMature

There is nothing worse in the world then being sick, because, it leaves you weak and helpless, you become an incubus of viral plague, only able to stay at home, and if you don’t stay at home then you give everyone else the sickness, which is why is better to stay isolated, also because whilst your sick your immune system is down which makes it easier for you to catch other germs and make you even sicker. Everyone hates getting sick, and we all wish that we could never get sick but we do, and when we do it sucks big time. We feel at our most melancholy when we are sick, which is why we need to stay active, especially in the mind.

Staying active is not easy when sick, because we don’t feel like doing anything, sleep is defiantly good, but too much sleep can leave bad aftermath.

Puzzles and good movies, like detective movies and thrillers action things that get your mind truly focussed on what’s happening and what’s gunna happen next.

Doing your makeup and nails if you’re a girl is another good beneficial way of keeping busy. If you’re not too weak do some house work?

Sweating is really good when you’re sick, it takes the sickness out of your body, so listening to music and dancing, cleaning, anything where you’re active for a long period of time and sweating lots is good for you.

But defiantly keep warm active and isolated, and you’ll be better in no time.



The End

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