Worth It.Mature

Do I want to heal? 

Do I really want to let it go?

What will happen, when I choose to disown the lies?

Who will I be?

Do I really want freedom? 

Is it worth the fight?


The constant battle.

The reversal of negative thoughts.

My head keeps telling me I am lying to myself.

That I am unloved, ugly, stupid, and worthless.

Because that is who I am.

Is it worth the fight?


But no, no.

That's not true.

I am loved, beautiful, smart, and worthful.

That's what I am told I am.

I'll choose to fight.

Am I really worth the fight?


I've come this far.

I won't give up now.

This struggle is worth it.

I am worth the struggle.

God save me, give me the hope I need to continue on.

You say I am worth the fight.

The End

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