Cry to the SoulMature

Hope is the cruelest master I've had yet.
Loving for a moment then laughingly leaving me.
Keep going! It shouts.
You can make it! It whispers.
Are you not strong enough to take any blow! It mocks.
How long can it keep me going?

Hope oh my soul! Hope!

All these thoughts are suffocating me. 
I can't breath.
It's hard to be honest to myself.
When I can't distinguish the truth from the lie.
Longing for simplicity.
More than anything for it to hold me. 

Hope oh my soul! Hope!

Black and white.
Gray is my enemy.
Make me think I'm doing so well.
Bring my hope up once again, that I may just be healing.
Right before I trip and fall, my heart shattered once again. 

Hope, oh my soul......hope. 

Hope you have abandon me.
Trust you have let me down.
Love you have tricked me once again.
I have fallen to the ground. 
Hope is nowhere to be found. 

Hope? Oh my soul! 

Where have I been placing my hope?
In my dying self?
In my twisted soul?
In my shriveled heart?
I cannot keep this up anymore.

I die. 

Then spring back to life. 
Now this is hope. 
Quiet, soft, like a gentle breeze.
I am Hope, I am Love, I am Trust. 
I will never desert you, I am not fickle.

Hope, oh my soul, hope with all that is put in me. 

The End

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