My Favourite Feelings


That sick, shivering feeling you get
when you’ve been in a hot car for the last two hours, and suddenly the cold
hits you.

That feeling of total freedom when
you’re head-banging to some great rock or heavy-metal, and there’s nobody else
in the house, it makes you feel as if you’re being yourself for the first time.

When you’ve been sobbing your eyes
out late at night under the duvet and all the tears have dried up, it’s
roasting hot and you’re basically just shaking convulsively.

At six or seven o clock at night,
standing near the sea, the cold and excitement like an electric current, you
can’t stop shaking but it’s all part of the experience, the waves’ spray
drenching you and the pebbles chattering as the water drains away.

That feeling you get when you’re
painting a picture, you don’t care what it turns out like but it’s going well
so far, and there’s heavy-metal playing. You’re singing along really terribly
but you don’t give a damn what it sounds like.

Waking up in the early hours of the
morning and realising you’ve still got another four or five hours of sleep.

When you’ve fought to stay awake and
try and write something, and it seems as if you’ll never write again, and
suddenly inspiration hits like a bucket of freezing water being poured over
your head, and you’re suddenly wide awake.

When it’s melting hot in the car, and
then you discover that if you put your face against the fogged-up window, it’s
ice-cold. Then all the headache goes away and everything seems better.

Those Are My Favourite Ways To Feel.

The End

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