Beginnings...Ends...Die...Just Stuff Nobody Cares About Enough To Read

Don't bother critiquing, just let me think out loud for a while. Comment, if you like, but no critiquing, please. I'm always open to a casual comment.

I always hate beginnings. Endings give some sort of closure, endings are definite, like when somebody dies and the body is found. Beginnings are like when somebody is abducted. No closure, just one lifelong beginning, the middle of a story going on forever until everything just runs down like a machine and we die.

Endings. My favourite part of a book, if they're done well. Closure. Make me cry until the ink blurs, make me sick with shock, make me angry. Don't just END.

Anticlimax is the equivalent of just dying, after doing nothing to be remembered by. I don't even know why I write this stuff down.


The End

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