Knives and PensMature

The woman has named him--Given, she'd said. That was a year ago. He's living in their biggest tree, in a building larger than the one he's left behind. He's satisfied here. He has meat, people to frighten (so long as he doesn't hurt anyone, she'd said), things to hunt, and a wonderful, huge bed in a wonderful, huge tree. Hell, he even meets a woman, gorgeous in her own way, a way that captivates him and has him lightheaded with a sort of giddiness, scaring more people than usual when he's cheerful.

It isn't until the following winter that he starts reacting to the freedom, the happiness.

At first, it's just a constant throb in the sensitive area where his horns protrude. Then, it grows into an ache, annoying him into a bad mood. He's unable to see his lovely woman. That makes him even more irritated, though he understands the reasoning. She would likely die in the coupling, they had said. The last thing he wants is for her to die, whether or not there are other willing mates out there.

As the time passes, he goes blind from the film covering his eyes, possibly protecting them from the light, since he was born in the dark. His horns sharpen, the edges becoming more pronounced. His tail now bears the three different forms, and his wings thicken. He's more sure in his flight.

However...these changes have taken their toll on him.

His lover is adamant about seeing him. He's frightened, although he doesn't admit it. He doesn't want to kill her accidentally in this...hormonal fog.

But, after the longest stretch of time, the film dissolves, and he can see again. He's relieved, and rushes to visit his lovely woman, wings eager to carry him to her habitat. And when he sees her, goodness, he can hardly contain himself...! They roll delightedly, pleased rumbles sounding from both his chest and her throat. He retracts his horns and wings to be able to pull her closer, rubbing his scent on her face, her neck, her shoulders, every part he can reach. He marks her with his teeth and claws, growling lovingly at the blood, at her sated purr. The only thing going through his mind is the fact that he doesn't want to go through another heat again. He wants to stay with her, like this, forever.

With her, he is no demon. He is just a sire, in love with his mate.

The End

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