Begin Anew

First Draft

  • A midnight's dream echo's over the forest
  • as a memory shifts withing the mind
  • Knowing what has been and what is now


  • Though they seem separate, they can connect
  • for many things never truly fade.


  • I want a chance to show who I want to be
  • different than who I was then


  • The way I am now is different
  • from my experiences and people I know
  • to the way I act and the way I've grown
  • Time changes who we are but
  • Experiences make us who we are


  • I have the chance now to show who I want to be
  • though we do make mistakes
  • If we own up to them and move forwards
  • we will be stronger


  • Important things in life will never fade
  • Family that are close to us
  • Friends that stick to us
  • and memories that never leave


  • We are what we make of ourselves
  • and new beginnings open new doors.


  • A warm breeze flowing through the trees
  • leads you on your way to new days
  • though the past may follow you
  • It's up to you not to let it worry you
The End

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