Bed and Breakfast.

this is accually something funny that really happened to me on my family vacation. ohh i will never forget that night

Me (14) Jake (15) Mathew (16) Dillan (17) Ashlee (18)

I was at cabin number 3. my cabin, for our chesnut family reunion down in Torrey, Utah. At the chuckwagon.  It was late at night, and really dark outside. I was on the stool next to a small counter watching the little kids watch T.V.  Shrek if i remember correctly. Jake was sitting next to me playing with a few of his playing cards. When the door opened and my other older cousens walked in pulling on their coats. 

    "Well, what do you want to do?"  Mathew asked. I shrugged. last night we had taken jake and ashlee's dog Chloe on a walk and had been freaked out by something in the bushes.  

  "We could check out that Bed and Breakfast place we found last night."  Dillan sudgested.  We all looked at eachother. 

  "Okay." Ashlee finally said. "Sounds fun." I ran into the bedroom and pulled on my coat. Then the five of us left the comfort of the brightly lit grounds to the dark, and quiet streets. We trugged down the rocky street laughing in our own conversations. Torrey is a very small place, so It's easy to remember all the roads in less then a few days. Plus the fact that we went there every year for as long as I can remember.  I vaugly noticed that we all happened to be wearing dark jackets. making it look like we were a gang. I laughed. and wondered what the cops would think if they saw us. 

  When we reached the bed and breakfast. I was still awed by it's magnifisance. Despite the many times I had seen it. It used to be an old school house, several stories high, surrounded by a large iron gate.  Dillan jogged up the the gate's enterance and squinted at the laminated paper that hung form it.

  "It sayse that visitors can tour the gardens as long as we are quiet." He called back to us in a hushed whisper. 

  "Are you sure?"  Ashlee asjed back. Dillan nodded.

  "Don't be chikens." He said.  "Come on."  

 We all went inside cautiously and walked down a small rock path into the huge gardens. Compleat with fountains, ponds, swings, trees, and much more. All though it was dark. It was still amazing.  We wandered around for a bit, Jake and mathew tossing rocks in the bushes to make us jump.  It had been about five minuts, when Dillan noticed a long flight of zigzag stairs that went up the side of the building.

  "Wonder what's up there." He breathed. 

  "Don't." Jake and I warned. But Dillan ignored us as usual. And began to creep up to the steps. I Took the first few steps cautiously then paused, there was a door up ahead. What if we were caught? How would we explain?

  "Oh, move." Dillan sighed, and pushed past me, He went up quietly, trying not to make any noise. We all followed twitching with nervousness. Dillan aproached the door and slowly peered to see if anyone was behind the window keeping watch. It was totally sighlent as he leaned forward, lifted his head.. suddenly, the porch lights snapped on, flooding the stairway with light! Dillan jumped back and shoved us all out of the way as he booked it noiselly down the stairs.

  "GO! GO! GO!"  He screamed, we all turned and took off screaming, throught the gardens, the lights turning on all over. Fear flooded my stomach and I wanted nothing more then to get away, to hide! Ashlee both burst out of the gate at the same time and took off down the street, the others following us. Right as I was about to slow down, I could hear barking, and two dogs began to dash after us! We both screamed and laughed at the same time and didn't stop untill we were on a compleatly different road, the Bed and Breakfast and dogs far behind us.

  All five of us colapsed into the dirt laughing madly, not able to do anything else. Soon our voices were dry and cracked form the screaming and laughing, ad tears streamed down our red faces.   Then pulling eachother up, we took a different rout back to the chuckwagon, giggling all the way.  When we got back to the cabins, the adults whom were playing cards around the picknick table asked us where we had gone. Jake shrugged.

  "Oh, here and there." He laughed.

     I fund out a few weeks later form Dillans email that the lights that had come on were automatic and turned on when they sensed movement. The dogs had been behind a fence across the street, and couldn't have gotten us. I guess the fear of getting in trouble had changed the way we thought of things.  But I will never ever forget that night. I wonder what we will do the next time we go to Torrey.  

The End

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