Continuation (Please Read Summary)Mature

Months have gone by

Weeks have passed me.

Things have happened, times have changed.

I’m in therapy now.
Apparently, when you try to off yourself, you have to talk to a doctor.

Fucking prick.

Thinks he fucking knows me just because he has a degree in psychology.


Sits there and judges me. Sits there and listens to every fucking thing I say.

I bet he makes fun of me when he goes home at night.

I bet he stays up talking to his wife about what stupid things that dumb shit patient of his was saying.

They put me on Bipolar meds, apparently I’m not just depressed, but really fucked in the head.

But I promised the girl, I promised her I would try.

She doesn’t even fucking talk to me anymore.


Fucking god damn it all.

I don’t like enjoy anything anymore.

I don’t want to do anything anymore.

I feel dead, and you know what?

I don’t give a fuck If I die right now. Seriously. No really, go ahead. Take a gun, blow out my fucking brains.

I dare you.

Watch my brains hit the wall.

See me fall.

The End

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