Beautiful To Ugly

Somthing that came to me while I was riding in a car.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful. So alive, yet so colorful and dead.  I ride in this car watching the leaves fly at me, but not getting close enoguh to touch, or smell. While they are colliding with the window, I marvel in their beauty. I want to cry, the sight's so beautiful. It reminds me of snow falling and wind blowing. I'm so caught up in my thoughts it surprises me that I just witnessed is gone and in replace is a ugly grey wall. I just want to, to, to, UGH! I don't know exactly what I want to do, but I definitely do not want to see that ugly, horrendous wall. It has taken the beauty away, so now I shall take my eyes away from that ugly white wall and dream of the beauty that leaves create.

                          I wrote this in: 11-2-11 Close to the age of twelve.

The End

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