I don't really know... was just thinking and thought I'd try to write how it felt to be in love... not that I know... just from other peoples accounts.

I watched as she walked away. Her hips casually swaying from side to side, her hair also moving in time. Her arms were gently by her sides. I smiled as she turned to me, it was the most beautiful she had ever looked. Then I thought, she got more and more beautiful each time I saw her. It was true. I hadn't known what love was, until I met her, she made me feel all those things they talk about in the movies... except a hundred times stronger.

She grinned at me, tilting her head down slightly, letting the light catch her golden hair, making her look as an angel would. When I was looking at her, everything fell apart, but at the same time, everything built up. The world around me didn't matter, all that did matter was her.

When I looked at her, I had goosebumps and chills running down my back. I loved that feeling. The feeling of when I was with her, everything would be okay. I adored her smell, the smell of something words can't describe. I would inhale as much as I could when we hugged.

But no one knows.

They didn't know of how I fell slowly in love with her...

She never knew.

The End

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