Challenge 6: Working as a pack

The six packs were eagerly waiting the chance to catch and kill a wild boar. Starting from six locations they would have to track and kill one of the five boars. Five boars, six teams. You do the maths

The gun signalled the start and the Bloodhound picked up the scent immedietely. The Beagle was not far behind and the Basenji used the instincts inherited from the days of hunting with african tribesman.

The Wild Boar squelled as the powerful Belgian Shepherd sunk his teeth into its neck. The other breeds went to help but thier was no need, the boar was dead. Two more screams went out, but only one was the last of a life. The Giant Schnauzer took down its prey but Team Health's Toy Poodle startled the boar by snapping a twig sending it in a paniced run. Before the Boxer could catch it, the Pharoah Hound had reached it and with the help of the Doberman brought its life to an end.

The final two boars became one when the powerful Rottweiller and Staffy killed the beast after the Whippet tired it out. That left Team Pamper and Team Health to fight over the final boar. The Beagle was a scenthound and could find the boar, the Afghan was a sighthound and could capture the beast. Both teams found the boar at a similar time, the Afghan and Setter had a race which ended with the Bedlington Terrier attacking the Setter, so the speedy Afghan could make the kill.

Team Pamper continued thier lucky streak of safety while Team Health eliminated yet another player.

Only two dogs got votes. It was a landslide majority to save the Irish Setter. The dog who voted for the Irish Setter was the dog voted out. But who could blame him. He did snap a twig after all.

The End

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