Challenge 5: Water retrieving

For this challenge the three Retrievers were getting ready to swim in lakes to retrieve as many ducks as they could in a certain time

As the gun fired every dog jumped in the water, some more enthuasiastic than others. Then a team a highly skilled gamesmen began shooting down a frenzy of ducks for the dogs to catch.

The flat-coated Retriever collected a duck first with the Golden Retriever not far behind. The Toy dogs who found swimming difficult were in a trouble as the gundogs and powerful swimmers collected dozens of ducks.

Once a dog collected a duck they put it in thier team box where a judge was keeping a tally. Team Love were soon winning thanks to the Newfoundland and Flat-coat. As time began slowly drawing to an end, all the dogs began frantically retrieving. A toy or two even collected a duck. But others just sank.

The tally revealed a surprise win from Team Genius then favourites Team Love. Team Pamper managed to respectfully stay out of elimination, but the same did not go for Team Health.

The slow swimming team nominated two evictees, but one got more votes. It was the cuddly teddy bear who let down the team today and thus the Chow Chow was shipped back home.

The End

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