Challenge 4: Sledge race

The cold Alaskan air whipped the faces of the remaining 39 breeds. Six teams, Six sledges, one goal. The gunshot signalled the captains to start running, as lead dogs they lead the rest of the pack.

The front runner along the 1km stretch was Team Love whose big Newfoundland pulled along with Bloodhound and Belgian Shepherd at the rear. Team Popular, though one dog down had a score to settle after a humiliating defeat last challenge. Team Health were also coming up the stretch at a mighty speed.

Team Pamper were not having such a good race, the five dog team were toasty warm with thier designer coats but useless at pulling the heavy cargo. Though more co-ordinated than Popular, they were in dead last...again.

Team Popular had an uneven layout causing gradual sliding to the left, into the path of Team Health. Just as Team Love lost the lead, the two other leading teams collided sending cargo and dogs alike sprawling along the ice. Team Genius avoided the pile up but Team Crufts' little dogs could not handle the sudden change along slippery ice.

As Team Love celebrated thier victory, an unbelievable sight met thier eyes. With all thier might Team Pamper sprinted to the finish line. Team Health and Crufts were still regaining from the collision when the Portuguese Water Dog lead his team into fourth place after Genius and Popular.

Team Crufts finished just after Health and so had to eliminate on of thier members. Many were to blame for thier fail and four dogs got votes. But only one got three votes.

Pekingese: 10th place finisher of Earth Dog. 39th place finisher of Battle of the Breeds.   

The End

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