Challenge 3: Earth Dog

A challenge deviced for small breeds of dog. The typical tunnels are no taller than 35cm, but we raised the tunnel height by ten centimeters for a larger inclusion.

So the large breeds watched thier tiny peers eagerly wait at thier own seperate tunnel. A gun was fired at the door was raised by a rope. The small dogs began thier first major challenge.

A total of fourteen dogs scurried into small wooden tunnels, using all thier senses to follow the correct route and not get lost. At the end of each maze was a rat, highly secured in a box behind a second set of metal bars. A rat to a terrier is christmas come early.

The Westie of Team Love signalled his finding first by a bark to the judge. The Border Terrier and Papillon soon followed. Each dog was graded on thier performance. This first trio were graded highly for thier timing. Sealyham and Tibetan terriers, both of Team Crufts arrived next but the former was reduced points for leaving his post. More and more dogs arrived and were taken out of the maze so the judges could see who was left.

The final five were the Shih Tzu, Havanese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pekingese and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, three of the five from Team Popular. The Pekigneses finish left Crufts feeling hopeful and Popular feeling tense. But Cavalier and Staffy pulled through finishing 11th and 12th. But despite the Havanese coming last, total points left Team Popular one player down

As only three members competed elimination was only between the small dogs. A powerful Staffy was deemed good enough to stay in the competition, but the Shih Tzu was not.

The first Utility breed left the competition.


The End

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