Challenge 2: Scent tracking

Each team is given an object to do with thier team theme (eg Team Crufts have to find a ribbon, Team Love a cuddly Teddy Bear). After being given the scent they must find it hidden in one of the worlds biggest mazes. The last team to exit the maze with the prize loses.

All 41 remaining breeds were readily waiting at six seperate entrances, but none were as ready as the Bloodhound. As soon as the gun was shot this master sleuth was off with Team Love casually following.

The other teams were having issues, especially the teams without Scenthounds such as Team Pamper, Popular and Genius. It seems all you need is one good tracker and the challenge is easy. But Team Crufts were giving the scenthound teams a run for thier money. Whilst the Beagle of Team Health was following the scent with a confident attitude, the show dogs were using all thier skills to find the ribbon.

The judges were astonished when Team Love finished with more than half the time to spare and were even more so when a draw seemed to be looming. Or was it? Team Health and Team Crufts both collected the items, but without a strong scent to follow Team Crufts were lost. Basenjis are the second stupidest breed of dog. 

Team Health soon finished with a happy Team Genius shortly behind carrying a diploma. After Team Crufts exitted it was a tense race between the two remaining teams. And in a race no other dog in this competition can match a Whippet. Team Pamper emerged from the maze with a gromming brush and a smell of defeat.

No-one was to blame for thier loss but they had to get rid of someone. Three dogs got votes to be eliminated this challenge, the Afghan Hound, Cocker Spaniel and Hungarian Puli. The Afghan is quick whilst the Puli is a mop with legs.

The dreadlock dog had to say goodbye.

The End

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