Challenge 1: Flyball

Six tracks. Each a 50m stretch filled with four hurdle jumps and a ball dispenser at the end. With the simple tap of the paw a ball comes flying out perfectly adjusted to land in the dogs mouth after firing into the air.

The captains began and finished, so each team ran eight times. The order then went alphabetically by category. These captains were picked by thier team mates prior to the event so some teams chose the wrong dog to run twice.

With the shot of a gun, the seven dogs sprinted and jumped thier way to victory. The only captain finding this task difficult was Team Pampers captain: The Portuguese Water Dog, a dog built for swimming not running and jumping. The Australian Belgian Sheepdogs finished first with the German not so far behind. By the time the Cocker Spaniel began his lap, the Hungarian Vizsla was close the overlapping.

Things went from bad to worse for Team Pamper as the Hungarian Puli (or living mop) got his dredlock like hair in the way of his performance. Whilst Team Pamper's Bedlington Terrier caught up with the lagging Toys and Terriers, it was a neck and neck race between the Shih Tzu of Team Popular and Dalmatian of Team Love. But then as both teams had chosen working dogs for Captains, Team Crufts Giant Schnauzer overtook the two utilities.

The last lap was started by Team Crufts, shortly followed by Team Love and Team Popular. On this last lap Doberman Pinscher of Team Genius caught the ball before the German Shepherd and took the lead. In a repeat of the first lap, Team Pamper were doing poorly. Thier captain followed the quick Boxer of Team Healthy and returned with his cotton-tail between his legs.

All in consideration the dogs of Team Pamper voted someone out with 4 votes. The other votes went to Hungarian Puli and Miniature Poodle, but it was Bichon Frise who the team decided needed to go home.   

The End

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