Based on a True Story

~~Based on a True Story~~

My name is Sarah Edmonds, I am 14 years old and I want to die.  If you want, get comfortable get a glass of water and a bag of chips or something as I tell you my story. 

My story starts back in second grade, seven years ago.  I went to one of six elementary schools in my small 17,000 people community.  That is when it all started.  The first tear in my life.  I had very few friends at that point.  I got along with all of them but I didn't particularly have many friends just one or two.  There was a new boy in the class, his name doesn't matter at this point I'll tell you later.  I had the biggest crush on him.  He had tousled dirty blond hair and was very cute, I must say.  That wasn't the problem, the problem was that my parents couldn't agree on what school I would go to.  My parents are divorced for the record.  My mom was remarried, my dad single.  My dad wanted me to go to this school till grade 7.  My mom wanted me to go to the school my step brother and step sister went to that was across town, 10-12 minutes away. When my mom enrolled me into the new school I social services got involved and they ended up picking a new school for me and my older brother to go to.   

And from here the story doesn't seem to bad or horrible, it may seem boring, but in order to get to the good stuff we need to get through one little bit of boring. Guess what? The boring is over now onto the good stuff

The End

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