So I found this amazing exercise for anyone that loves music. You basically make an album that's all about you and your life. It gives you ten themes and then you pick a song to go with each theme. And then you write about the song: why you chose it, what the song means to you, how you apply it to your life, etc.

I picked such a bizarre order of words to name my life's album. Why? I believe every day when we wake up and place our feet on our floor to stand up and take the first step into that brand new day, we have to decide who we will be. Will we smile or frown? Laugh or cry? Dance or fall? Obviously, today you made the first and most difficult choice of them all: to get out of bed and face the world. The bare feet part means that I want this album to represent is ME. Without any makeup of false pretenses. Bare feet, because I want you to hear the simplest "me" in these songs that you possibly can.

The End

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