In Case of Emergency

It's about bananas, and pants; and the risks one might encounter if they give in to the pressure!

I attended a presentation this morning that provided a light breakfast for guests. After the meeting, as I stood up to leave, I put a banana in my back pocket to have later and proceeded on my way.

Yes, I soon forgot.

I sat on that banana all the way from Midhurst, to Barrie; and not a clue!

And yes, it did squish out all over the place.

I caught on to my ‘Bloody Idiot’ moment once we arrived at our community centre. I went over to the request counter to show a highly amused student volunteer what I did, and was quickly assured that “scooping banana mush out of pockets” wasn’t really within their required duties.

So, I shut myself in the bathroom, and began.

Should anyone else experience the same kind of ‘Bloody Idiot’ moment as myself and end up wearing a pair of Banana Pants too, here’s a few quick tips:

  1. Keep your pants on!
  2. Wrap paper towels around your entire hand, and,
  3. DIG!

Of course; you can avoid this entire ordeal, if you just don’t stick your banana where it doesn’t belong!

The End

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