One of the things that made a change in my life.
To answer everyone's questions: Yes, it's a true story that has happened to me.

Sometimes in life it's hard to tell who is taking care of whom. When I was in the sixth grade my mom passed away. It was one of the  most difficult things I had to go through. Her death taught me how precious life could really be, and taught me to make sure that every minute of my life counts. I will never forget that morning when I woke up and found my mother on the bathroom floor. I've never seen her look so helpless.

I’m sure you could imagine how heartbreaking that would be for a twelve year old. It was  even harder for me when my dad had remarried to a woman that was very bitter. I was already going through a form of depression, and with my step mother continuing to make me feel like a horrible person didn’t help. She would always try to make me feel worthless or she would try to always blame things on me. I always locked myself in my room whenever I had the chance to get away from her. It was always like walking on egg shells whenever I would come home.

 My dad and I ended up moving in with Patrick a friend of the family’s after my step mother and my dad separated. It eventually led to their divorce and let me tell you, I’ve never been so happy about a divorce before. I remember the first night we moved in, Patrick did what ever he could to make me feel comfortable. He mumbled something about having a dog before I went to bed, but I didn’t listen. Out of habit all I wanted to do was to go straight into my new room. 

When I woke up the next morning my dad and Patrick were already gone for work. I found a husky- shepherd curled on his bed,enjoying the view from the window. A patch of yellow from the window drenched his thick coat that was smothered in hues of a dusky, ashy, cream with a tawny caramel. His amber slits seemed to read me like an open book. He didn’t pay much attention to me, only because he was afraid he might miss greeting his master incase he would suddenly return home. Watching him not having a care in the world or being happy for no particular reason, made me wish I could be more like that.

 I don’t know what it was that made me want to be near Bailey. Perhaps, he was able to comfort me in a way no one else was able to. When Patrick realized my interest in Bailey he told me about all the things he learned about dogs, hoping that would encourage me to bond more with Bailey. He knew that I still hid in my shell and he believed that Bailey would lure me out. I started to believe that too when I started to bond with him more. I've taken him for walks, fed him, played with him and brushed him. Taking care of an animal can be hard work, but it also can be rewarding. The more I learned about him the more I realized that Bailey wasn’t just a dog. He had a way of displaying his personality that made him almost seem human. I discovered many sides to Bailey and the first thing I discovered about him was how protective he was over me.

 I first discovered that when one of my cousin’s came over. My cousin tried shoving me out of my house to lock me out one time. Bailey didn’t like it one bit as he saw the two of us struggling. He released a broad, piercing howl to warn my cousin, but we continued battling each other. I finally was able to force him half way out of the door. My cousin latched on to any chance he had to leap back into the house, but Bailey stood on his back legs to give him a firm shove with his two front paws.

My cousin’s startled reaction gave me the advantage to push him out in time to lock the door. Then Bailey stared at me with his tongue hanging out, as if he was proud that he managed to protect me. I found it incredible that an animal was able to understand that my cousin was picking on me.

It was the little things that Bailey did that helped me come out of my shell. Things like whenever I came home after having a hard day he would be right there wagging his tail, looking like he had a grin on his face. A greeting that never failed to put a smile on my face. Or whenever I gave someone a hug, Bailey’s jealousy would get the best of him, and he would squeeze himself through to separate me and the person I was hugging. Each time he did that it made me laugh, and made me feel special.

The way he would nudge his wet nose on my arm when I’m on the computer, encouraging me to play. If I would try to ignore him he would do his bark-howl demanding for my attention. Wherever I went he was always by my side. He would always angle himself so that he was able to watch all the entrances to the house, and if I moved somewhere, where he couldn’t see all of the entrances to the house.  He would release a heavy snort. Letting me know that he was mad at me for sitting somewhere that made it impossible for him to see all the entrances.

Every once in a while he would place his paw on my foot to show affection, or sometimes he would give a few kisses. They may be small things, but all the different sides to Bailey helped me come out of my form of depression. All the different shapes of affection he gave me was able to help to heal the deep wounds I had. People may think that animals are just animals, but I think sometimes people today don’t give animals the credit they deserve. All the times I’ve walked him, fed him and brushed him I thought I was the one taking care of him. Little did I know that all this time he was the one taking care of me.

The End

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