This feeling that i know,

Just will not stop and go,

Why do i feel like this,

Just stop and give a kiss,

Oh why can i not see,

Whats going on in front of me,

My eyes they do not lie,

But i wish that i could fly


Away from the truth,

Kissing under my roof,

But not with me,

So you see, me alone, in the dark,

Its just another farce,

Your a pain in the a*se,

So go away, never return,

You stole my heart

You male f**king tart,

So leave, Please, just go


My pain is so deep, it hurts,

I cannot sleep,

Just go, I dont want to know,

I need time to heal,

So please feel,

Free to leave me alone,

So go, away.


The End

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