I am in love

Zachadams wrote a beautiful list of things to do to show someone you love them.  I think I made 18 out of the twenty, and am confident that the Ultimate JMR, my own Aphrodite, feels the same way.

After two days of wallowing with a sore back which I've complained too much about, a job where I didn't feel all that appreciated, I made the sad, but common I gfear, mistake of bottling everything up and engaging her in an argument she didn't deserve to be part of.  The fact is, I chose a wierd way to tell her that, well, I missed her.

Yet, this morning, because it's unseasonably cold, she still snuggled with me and it wasn't just for her personal warmth.

I am one heck of a suitcase that sometimes I don't even want to carry.  But she does, and does, with a convincing way of not making it look like it requires a lot of effort.  My friend Mark once told me that you should never rely on someone else to make you happy, and I agree with him to a point. 

If you're lucky, really, really lucky, there is no reliance.  The happiness that results in someone else's company is just automatic.  Even when she's having her own bad day, there's no one I'd rather have snarling.

In short, my own personal woes have kept me from writing.  The wise Tasha, who I'm most glad to be in contact with, has told me to combat writer's block, to write every day, even if it's crap.

So, BAM!

The End

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