Laundry! I'm swimming in the stuff but don't care to be rescued thank you very much; I like it here, though a housekeeper and chef would be wonderful - that's all I dream about. Life has to revolve around my fancy and whatever I'm doing at the moment has right of way. I never kept up with any Joneses and couldn't give a stuffed fig about appearances; let's face it, I'm grubby...but I only ever go to work and no-one really sees me there; I sit in my little cubby-hole crocheting between phonecalls, so it really doesn't matter what I look like, does it? No - see I told you. The most important thing in this life is living and being happy with what you've got or can get, legally. I'm the happiest person I or anybody else knows! The trick is to quickly wash a few things when you're not paying attention. x

The End

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