God becomes you.

This has left me with a new view.  Often, prison brings people to Jesus.  Heart attacks have people quit smoking.

This is what I'm left with.

My Aunt, at one point, maybe three days ago, seeing my cousin prone in bed, feeling her body being slowly stripped away by the pinpricks of a thousand bee stings told her that it is time.  

It is time to let the Lord take you.  


Don.t worry, Sherry, your Dad and I will be there with you in a couple years.


One of the views towards God that I've always felt was ridiculous was "Prove there is none."

Maybe.  Yet in the final days, picturing the fear in her eyes, I damned well know she was wondering where she was off to.  A beautiful place?  Or is it over?  Will I see them again?

Yes.  You will.  And I won't be glib enough to pull your leg - to treat you like a three year old.  Patronizing a dying family member is way too a__holish even for me.

So, in the place of a better answer, there is a spiritual world beyond this one.  Because if I don't believe that, then I've damned my cousin's last hopes to Hell, just to prove how smart I am.

And I really would like to see her again.




The End

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