Chapter 1

I ran breathlessly across the yard, dirt flying up all around me. I jumped the fence quickly, and listened intently. I could hear bullets piercing the fence, and I knew I didn't have much time. I drew my gun and cocked it, preparing for a huge firefight. I faced the fence again, ready for anything. I dashed over the fence and began to fire at my enemy. The adrenaline kicked in, and I could feel my heart racing.

My gun clicked. I dropped out my empty clip and inserted a new one. I cocked the gun again and began to fire as fast as I could.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through my arm. The force blew me back onto my back, and my gun soared out of my hands. I laid there on the ground, helpless. This is the end! I thought as my enemy stood over me, his gun aimed right at my head.

But that's when my partner showed up. And when she did...holy crap.

From here, submit. No deadline, no nothing. But please, sometime within the week. :)

The End

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