And the winner is...

Before I announce the winner, let me just say that every SINGLE chapter written on this was impressive. And I had to think hard before I chose who won.

Now, the moment you all have been waiting for. Drum roll please!

*drum roll*

And the!








Dottylotti and Westrina!

Yep, there are two winners. Both were especially awesome, and I couldn't decide which one to pick. But obviously I can only have one writer on this story, so I'm going to have a Write Off. The auditions aren't over yet!

I'm going to write a chapter on here, and both authors are going to write the second chapter, and whatever chapter I like more, wins!!

Sorry, but, this is the only way I could do this without pulling my hair out.

Thanks again for all the auditions, every single one was a huge consideration. And I mean that. I loved every one of them.

And if either Westrina or Dottylotti would like to withdraw from the auditions, there are other amazing authors that auditioned that I'd love to write with. But if neither of them want to withdraw, then let's do this!!

My chapter will be up before the day is over.

The End

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