Selena Fernandez

Hey, I'm Selena Fernandez.

I was born in Sao Paulo, in the middle of the largest slum in South America. My parents made me work in the sewers to earn money, but a kind, old woman from France offered my mother to adopt me when I was 5. She paid my mother, and took me back to her home in France, where I had the best education imaginable. When I was 16, she suddenly died, and I was left on my own. Since then, I moved to England to go to Oxford University, and then I became a police officer. Although I try to keep it quiet, I send money every month to my 7 brothers and sisters back in Brazil. I'm now one of the youngest DCIs in the country, and I know just how lucky I am.

Take last month's main case. I was sitting at my desk in my office, staring at my screen. I just couldn't add it up. Our main suspect couldn't possibly have been at the scene at the right time- we had him in custody for something else. And now he was back inside, but the crimes were still going on, and we had him on CCTV. No-one can be in two places at once. Aw, damn. I swore swiftly in portuguese as I ran down to the cells. Too late. The door was wide open. I kicked off my heels as I ran past the reception desk. I couldn't help smiling to myself- a desk job, my Latina deriere! Now, of course, I knew where I'd seen that face from the CCTV before. The shifty cleaning staff. I should've known that the guy would've needed inside help. God, I was actually embarrassed that I'd fallen for the identical twins ploy. It's a textbook error! Just for the sake of it, I vaulted the station wall, instead of walking around it. Sometimes, growing up in the slums gave you a great physical advantage...

The End

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