Lucy Peel

Hey there, I'm Lucy Peel. Yeah I know, weird last name but hey, you can't pick your parents.

So, I always wanted to be a cop I guess. Well no, I actually wanted to be a secret agent, but then when I was eighteen, this guy started threatening me and pulled out a knife. He was going to rape me, but this police woman saw and stopped him. She inspired me to do this, help out in the ordinary world, do my part you know? So I've been trained and I'm ready for action.

My first case? Well, we got a call that a young girl was missing, and I went in with the senior officer. It took us less than a week to work out it was the neighbour, and that he was a paedophile who had the girl at another house nearby. She'd been forced to look after him, and live on basically nothing, you know the drill. We busted in when he arrived and found him with her, case closed. I stood for witness in court, and the man was definately two eggs short of a nest. He kept staring at me, twitching. He had these creepy yellow bloodshot eyes. I'll never forget it.

So the reason I want this job is because I want to do my bit in this crazy world, help to stop it turning in to a place no one wants to live. Plus, I think twenty is a little too old to be dreaming of being a secret agent don't you?

The End

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