Louisa Conrad

Okay, let's get straight to it. I'm not the type for hanging around, and you don't look like it either. My name's Louisa Conrad, cop. You call me anything else and I punch your face in. I got into the police when I was eighteen. My little brother got stabbed to death, and no way was I going to stand aside and watch them muck up the investigation. So I trained up, and look where I am now! But it didn't come without effort. Let's take a little look at what I had to do on my first case, shall we...?

He escaped out the window. That little piece of...We knew he'd done the murder, but he was kidding himself that we wouldn't catch him. His name was Bryan MacKenzie, and he was wanted for several crimes, the most recent a contract killing. Of a schoolgirl. How pathetic. But scum like that would do anything for money. I guessed where he was going. Up. Criminals are thick as bricks - they always head upwards when trapped in a building. Nobody seems to know why - after all, there's no way out from up there. I was sensible and took the stairs. By the time I got up I was out of breath. Bryan was stood on the rooftop, grinning. He smiled, 'There's no way out this time, Lou.' He saw my teeth clench,'Your buddies have deserted you.' I looked around for the rest of my squad. They were nowhere to be seen. Bryan circled me, each time coming closer and closer, until he was right up near me, his knife at my throat. My hands were twisted around my back. This was it...His knife shone in his hand. I noticed Bryan had a pistol in his back pocket - I suppose it was for if I put up a fight. This was the end...

But no. I had, for once in my lifetime, remembered my gun. Bryan's eyes were still gleaming. I managed to slowly head over to the edge of the building, him following me all the time. Then, at just the right moment...BANG. There was a horrified look on his face - tricked by a newly qualified copper! Not for long though. He crumpled, and slumped over. Bryan fell through the air. There was  a sickening crunch where he hit the sidewalk below. I looked up at the stars. What had I let myself in for?

The End

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