Attack of the Alpha Legion

This is a bit of Doctor Who fan-fiction I wrote while in west Kerry for three weeks in Summer 2010.

(This is in no way intended for copyright infringement. Doctor Who is the property of the BBC. Please support the official release.)

Earth, 2060 AD.
The vast open wasteland seemed to go on forever. The levels of urban slums had risen at a shocking rate. Temperatures had risen due to global warming and the polar ice caps were at extreme risk. Meanwhile, over in the White House, President Sanchez was pacing up and down his office, awaiting a transmission. He seemed to be Earth's only ambassador for survival. Over many occasions, he had descended into an alcohol induced state, but he had sobered up especially for this moment because humanity needed him. He had one last look outside the window, at the disastrous atmosphere before the recipients of his transmission commenced contact.
"So, what is your answer?" said an unnaturally deep voice. Sanchez advanced towards the television screen.
"My people cannot stand this. This must stop," he replied.
"Well, do you have what we want?" Sanchez seemed on the verge of tears.
"I can't do it! I have to support six billion people here,"
"Whereas my fleet alone exceeds two billion starships with 500 people on board each ship," retorted the voice.
"But you're an alliance! screamed Sanchez. "At least 2,000 different species are in your fleet! What do we have on Earth that you do not have on your planets of origin?" The voice pondered this for a moment before replying "Well, I suppose we do not have overly evolved apes as pets!" Sanchez looked horrified.
"You're not serious! What makes you so superior?"
"Well, we are all capable of travelling to different galaxies in a short space of time and we can destroy planets at the push of a button, said the voice.
"Is that why you want the Earth?" said Sanchez, with pure ice. "You travel the universe destroying stars and planets and now we're next in line?"
"Oh, but it's much more than that! Just give us what we want, and we promise that we'll spare your planet." Sanchez looked like he could collapse at any second.
"Can't you see that you're putting the universe completely out of balance?" he cried, tears now streaming from his eyes.
"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," said the voice. With that, a burst of green light came from the screen and struck Sanchez in the heart. Sanchez absorbed a vast quantity of this light before it went back into the television screen. When Sanchez opened his eyes, his expression changed to a devious grin. 
"Now we understand each other," said the voice. Sanchez nodded.
"You are to help us weaken this prosperous civilisation," continued the voice.
"Yes, master," replied Sanchez, in a voice that was not his own.
"It is only a matter of time before my empire seizes the entire universe!" screamed the voice. The transmission ended and President Sanchez stared out the window once more, this time with an evil smile.

Meanwhile, aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor was with his companions, newlyweds Amy Pond and Rory Williams, debating where they should go next.
"The Exodus Nebula is only the flick of a switch away," the Doctor suggested.
"Well, maybe," said an exhausted Rory, "we should go somewhere that doesn't have ultraviolet rays ten times the intensity of Earth's! Amy giggled, looking at Rory's burnt skin.
"I told you I had suncream!" the Doctor said. Rory scoffed.
"Never mind that," continued the Doctor. "How about the......the....." He cut himself short as he looked at the TARDIS monitor. Amy could tell something wasn't right because of the Doctor's facial expression. 
"Doctor, what is it?" she asked. The Doctor pondered for a moment before saying "Trouble." With that, he started pressing buttons and pulling levers, and the TARDIS engines started to roar. Amy and Rory started to get nervous because of the Doctor's continued horrified expression. With a final push of a button, the TARDIS landed. There was a long pause before Rory asked "Where are we?" The Doctor indicated the door and Amy and Rory exited the TARDIS. The Doctor slowly followed them.

Amy and Rory couldn't believe their eyes. Wasteland and destroyed buildings covered every square mile of the surrounding area. The Doctor joined Amy and Rory and filled them in.
"This is Earth in the year 2060," he said. "Resources are running out drastically, and the human race are desperate for survival." Amy didn't seem able to take this in. Rory comforted her.
"I always knew that the stories of global warming were bad, but to see it up close, it's just....." Amy said, with tears in her eyes. The Doctor smiled sadly.
"Yes, but it's not all doom and gloom," he said. He checked his watch. "2nd of July. We're in Washington D.C., right at the Uprising of the Human Race." The Doctor was given a warning look by Amy.
"Spoilers!" she said. The Doctor grinned. "Ah, where's River Song when I need her?" he wondered aloud. Rory decided to cut straight to the chase.
"Doctor, of all places, why are we here?" he asked. The Doctor thought of a perfect diversion.
"Ah Rory, what's the point of having a time machine if you can't explore?" Rory was about to reply when the Doctor cut across him.
"Besides, you can find a good mystery anywhere, so why not here?" Rory didn't seem convinced, but decided to keep quiet. The trio moved away from the TARDIS and walked through the endless debris. It seemed that the White House and the Washington Monument were the only things still intact.
"Who is the President of the United States now?" Amy asked.
"Errrr....," said the Doctor, counting with his fingers. "Pedro Sanchez, I think."
"Ooh, a Hispanic President!" exclaimed Amy. "Sexy!" Rory didn't seem too pleased.
"Oy!" he protested, disapproving of his fiancée's desires.
"Sorry," said a guilty looking Amy. The Doctor had an unsure look on his face.
"Are you sure you two want to keep travelling with me?" he asked. "You don't want to go back to Leadworth and settle down?" Amy smiled.
"No way!" she said. "How can I go back home knowing that there's so much more out there? She turned to Rory.
"And Rory won't go anywhere without me!" Rory shrugged in agreement. The Doctor grinned.
"All right, fair enough."

At that moment, a missile launcher emerged from a helipad on top of the White House and a missile was fired into the air. The Doctor stared at this in disbelief. The trio ran towards the White House. The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the missile launcher.
"East," he said. "It's heading east." Rory started to get paranoid.
"Not at Britain, is it?" he asked.
"I don't think so," replied the Doctor. "2060. This is when the human race become one with their extra-terrestrial surroundings."
"So why is America starting a war?" asked Amy. The Doctor started scrutinising his surroundings once more.
"I don't think the war has just started," he said. "I think we should pay a visit to the President."

They approached the gates of the White House, where they were greeted by a guard.
"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked. The Doctor took out his psychic paper and said "I'm the President's aide, and these are my aides." The guard's face lit up.
"Oh yes, go on ahead, Mr. Dynamite," he said, before opening the gates.
The Doctor, Rory and Amy went through the gates and made their way towards the White House. The Doctor rolled his eyes, saying "Humans!" Amy stopped for a moment.
"Wait," she said. The President is called Pedro Sanchez and his aide is called Mr. Dynamite?" The Doctor didn't seem to get it.
"What?" he said, with a confused look on his face. Amy looked at Rory, who got the reference.
"Nothing," said Amy, supressing a laugh. As they entered the White House, they didn't notice Sanchez watching down on them from the second storey.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory entered the President's Office, where Sanchez was sitting at his desk.
"Who are you?" he asked. The Doctor smiled.
"The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams," he said proudly. "I'm not too sure you're Pedro Sanchez, though, are you?" Sanchez seemed suspicious.
"Of course I'm Pedro Sanchez! I have documents and certificates to prove it," he exclaimed. The Doctor raised an eyebrow.
"Are you sure?" he said, taking out his sonic screwdriver. "Because my readings tell me that the real Pedro Sanchez is being controlled by a superior being." Sanchez's eyes began to gleam a green light.
"Neural disruptor energy," the Doctor continued. "President Sanchez is being controlled by an empire known as the Alpha Legion." Rory started to get worried.
"And the Alpha Legion is?"
"Possibly considered to be the most arrogant union this universe seems to be harbouring," the Doctor replied, with a disgusted look on his face. "They see themselves as the owners of the universe, and are what is seen as the collectors of stars and planets. They try to destroy any planets that do not do as they wish." He turned to the possessed Sanchez, with screwdriver in hand. 
"Why have you come here?" he demanded, almost threateningly. The possessed Sanchez spoke in a voice that sounded of a human's combined with a snake.
"Our fleet's fuel levels are at a critical level and we need a decent power source," he hissed.
"So you decide to come to Earth at the time of the Oil Apocalypse,"
"Our statistics show that the remainder of the oil on this planet will serve the entire fleet as efficient fuel." Amy seemed disbelieving.
"You won't have enough fuel to power an entire fleet!" The Doctor gave a small smile. 
"Oh, but they're cleverer than that!" he said. "They extract all the oil, feed it into the central processor, and they duplicate it, so that the millions upon millions of ships get facsimiles of the same amount of fuel." Sanchez nodded.
"As soon as that's done, we'll enslave your planet!" he hissed. The Doctor shook his head.
"It doesn't work like that," he said. "No species should have the idea that they're superior to others." Sanchez hissed in disagreement.
"Oh, but the amount of things we have done to make this possible! We've brainwashed the President, heated up the polar ice caps, caused solar flares....." he said. The Doctor couldn't believe his ears.
"You've caused global distress and assimilated the highest authority on Earth, just to plan a scheme on taking all the resources?" Sanchez smiled malevolently.
"And it worked like a charm!" he hissed.
"Then listen to me," the Doctor said with supressed rage. "Leave this planet and its people alone, or I'll have to stop you." Sanchez laughed mockingly.
"I'd like to see you try," he said. With that, a green beam of light burst from his eyes and hit the Doctor. Sanchez dematerialised from the room after that. The Doctor had collapsed to the floor.
"Doctor!" cried Amy, desperate to help him. She frantically tried to take out the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and neutralise the effects. She did so and shone it over him. After a few seconds, the Doctor regained consciousness and gasped for breath. He then smiled at Amy and said, "You're quick on your feet, Pond." Amy smiled.
"Oh well," she said. "I wasn't going to resuscitate you or anything. Had the worst experience at a first aid course at school." Rory walked over to help the Doctor up.
"What was he trying to do to you?" he asked.
"My best guess is that he was trying to possess me as well," replied the Doctor. "It's a good thing you managed to assimilate the energy with the sonic screwdriver, Amy. I can analyse it once we return to the TARDIS."

Meanwhile, back on the main deck of the Alpha Fleet, the aliens were debating what they should do next.
"Now that we've hacked into the American Missile Defence Network, it will fire at random targets across the Earth. With the humans eradicated, we can extract the oil and advance!" said one alien. Another alien with three eyes and tentacles began to protest.
"But reports show that the Sanchez decoy has been found out!"
"Patience, my brethren!" the unnaturally deep voice said. "There is always another way. First, we capture the newcomers. Next, we consume them. Then, we stand more than a chance of achieving our goal." The entire fleet chanted in unison. "TO VICTORY!"

Back on Earth, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory had returned to the TARDIS. The Doctor was fiddling with the controls, analysing the energy. He looked at the monitor with awe.
"Fascinating," he said. "This could come in handy."
The Doctor took a memory disk out of a compartment in the TARDIS console and placed it into a slot.
"I've converted the energy into a computer virus," the Doctor explained. "The only way to take out the Alpha Fleet is to generate a chain reaction by taking out their central computer on the head ship. When that's destroyed, all the shis will cease to function. Unfortunately, only Alpha technology will work on it, but you know me, I'm so clever. I'll just put this into the central processor, and voilà!" Amy nodded, understanding the plan, but Rory seemed completely confused.
"Now, I have to fix up a few things, so would you mind giving me some space for a few minutes?" asked the Doctor.
"All right." said Rory, and the two of them left the TARDIS.

Amy and Rory stood outside the TARDIS looking around. There was a long silence.
"Amy?" Rory said. She turned to him.
"Yes?" she replied.
"Are you sure about staying with the Doctor?" Amy wasn't sure what to say.
"I've known him since I was seven years old. He helped bring my parents back. After you, he's my number one man." Rory frowned.
"I thought we had something special," he said.
"We do. We always had something special. You're the man I married!"
"I'm just saying," continued Rory. "These dangers keep coming between us. We've been seperated before, I don't want to let it happen again." Amy didn't seem to lie the path this conversation was going down.
"Even though our relationship goes through some turbulent times, the Doctor does all he can to protect us. He's not the worst. You should trust him more." Rory had not finished making his point.
"Yes, I know, but it's only a matter of time before someone or something will try to seperate us for good."
"Yeah, but the Doctor...." Rory couldn't take it anymore.
"The Doctor won't always be there, Amy!" he yelled. "Half the time we have to fight the dangers on our own. Even right here, right now, is no exception." Amy despised this argument.
"There's always a way out, though. The universe is huge and impossible, the Doctor says." she said.
"The Doctor says...." said Rory, smirking. Amy turned indignant.
"He's not trying to break us up!" she protested.
"Just bear in mind what I said, Amy," said Rory, finally. "We're only human after all."
Suddenly, the TARDIS door opened and the Doctor poked his head out.
"Are we ready?" he asked. Rory seemed befuddled.
"Where are we going?" The Doctor gave a mischievous smile. 
"The Alpha Fleet," he said.

They went back into the TARDIS, where the Doctor started turning dials and pulling levers.
"Now," he exclaimed. "The Alpha Legion already know that we know they're passing themselves off as human, so they'll try to kill us to maintain their secret. The minute we step out those doors, we're in imminent danger. And the sonic screwdriver is useless to Alpha technology." Rory looked horrified.
"So we're basically walking into a death trap? The Doctor smiled gleefully, as the TARDIS landed.
"Happens all the time with me!" With that, he ran towards the TARDIS door and exited. 

An army of numerous species of aliens were surrounding the TARDIS> The Doctor looked at them with a very calm expression.
"Hello," he said.
"You will explain your prescsence," growled one of the creatures.
"I'm here to negotiate," the Doctor replied. Suddenly, one of the aliens shone a light over the Doctor.
"Impossible!" it gasped, looking at its csan results.
"Oh, but it's brilliant!" said another alien, looking at the device. "The Last of the Time Lords meets his fate at the hands of the Alpha Legion!" All the aliens raised their weapons. The Doctor quickly produced his Alpha virus disk.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah! Hang on! Not so fast! I put this into the mainframe, you all go up in flames!" Many of the aliens looked greatly intimidated.
"You wouldn't use such a device!" The Doctor advanced towards the army.
"Have you ever heard the legends of the Oncoming Storm? Well, that's me! And I've seen it all: the dawn of the universe, the birth of civilisations, the end of the universe......right here is no exception." he said threateningly. "Leave this planet now, before I destroy this fleet! Compared to the end of the Last Great Time War, this is nothing!" The army continued to retreat, and the Doctor could see where he was. There was a passageway leading up to a stairway to a throne, where a shaded figure was seated.
"Ah, the wrath of a Time Lord!" it said in an unnaturally deep voice. "But, of course, it has led them to extinction!" The Doctor wheeled around and looked at the figure.
"Funny you should be talking about the Time War," said the Doctor, "because wasn't it you who felt you were too important to fight in it? You pompous fools!"
"Ah, but the Time Lords gave the word 'pompous' a whole new meaning," retorted the figure. The Doctor gave a mocking grin.
"Says Xarthas, the Darkened Lord of the Alpha Legion!" Lights went down on the figure and it was visible. His skin was a sickened yellow colour, and a black cloak was draped around him. His eyes were insectoid and he had a mechanical arm.
"Yes, I know who I am! I also think that this oppressed haven known as Earth has had its time and should hand its resources to us!" The Doctor walked over towards Xarthas.
"But this technology is well beyond technology that requires oil, of all things. This technology could......revolutionise human life," said the Doctor, realising something.
"Yes, but we could use the oil as a backup resource," exclaimed Xarthas. The Doctor snorted.
"That's rubbish! It's perfectly obvious you're trying to starve the humans! I wasn't born yesterday! What do you have against Earth? And that goes to every other life form! It's a level 5 planet! It's perfectly harmless to your civilisations!" Xarthas smiled.
"Nevertheless, we shall drain this planet until it is a hollow shell, then we'll take care of it once and for all!" The Doctor inhaled and exhaled.
"I need a stress ball," he said. "The amounts of times I've saved this planet and yet, you just keep coming. It's all in a day's work for me. Why don't you just follow this useful advice and just leave before I eradicate you permanently!" Xarthas gave another smile.
"Not like you to commit genocide, Doctor," he said.
"You're not a race! I would describe you as an alliance of outcasts from your own seperate civilisations. If I get rid of you, I'll be helping the universe." He saw that the Alpha computer core was right next to the TARDIS. 
"I could end it right now!"

At that moment, the TARDIS door opened and Rory poked his head out.
"Doctor, is it safe to come out?" he said.
"At arms!" screamed Xarthas. Every alien took out a weapon and pointed it at Rory, who emerged from the TARDIS with his hands up, along with Amy.
"It seems you have a choice, Doctor. Save the world, or save your allies." announced Xarthas, with a malevolent smile. The Doctor looked desperately between the computer core and the newlyweds. He sighed.
"All right, let them go," he said.
"Then give up your weapon!" demanded Xarthas, slightly losing it. The Doctor took out his memory disk and threw it to one of the aliens.
"Destroy the weapon!" ordered Xarthas. The alien threw the disk onto the ground and shot it, causing several sparks to emit.
"Now you shall bear witness to the fall of the humans," Xarthas continued. "My drones have now returned with the oil." The Doctor had not lost all hope.
"You still won't get away with this," he said. Xarthas smirked.
"You can't stop us, Doctor! Scans show that you're completely defenceless. You have no way of stopping us." 
The Doctor casually strolled over to the computer core.
"Never cross me," he said. "Amy, do you want to know what I was doing in the TARDIS before we came here?" Amy tried to remember.
"You said you were fixing things up in the TARDIS?" The Doctor smiled.
"Yes, that's what I said. But I was planning to do this!" He grabbed a similar disk from his inside pocket and shoved it into the computer core. Alarms began to sound as everything started powering down. Xarthas and the aliens were now panicking.
"Well, I thought to myself, you should always have a backup plan when you're facing a battle fleet. I made a similar disk, but I fitted it with a perception filter. Your scans thought I was defenceless, but it couldn't see the disk because of the perception filter. You're done for, Xarthas. The Alpha Legion is no more. The signal will be fed from the core to evry last ship in your fleet, thanks to your trusty duplicator. The ships will fall to Earth, allowing the humans to salvage the technology, giving them a more efficient supply of resources. Thus, the Uprising of the Human Race occurs." Xarthas began to scream orders.
"ANNIHILATE THEM!" he bellowed. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory ran back into the TARDIS, narrowly avoiding bursts of laser beams.
"This isn't over, Time Lord!" roared Xarthas. "The Alpha Legion will never die!" He cast a green beam of light from his mechanical arm and it hit the TARDIS.

The Doctor flicked a final switch and the TARDIS dematerialised. He sighed.
"Phew! Thank goodness we made it out of that one!"
"Is that what you think?" said Rory, in an unnaturally deep voice. The Doctor wheeled around and looked at Rory, with pure fear on his face.
"Leave him alone, Xarthas," he said in a low voice. Amy looked horrified.
"Doctor, what's happening to him?" she asked.
"He's been possessed," he said, whipping out his sonic screwdriver. "I might be able to save him yet, though. The cerebral implants haven't been fully grafted to his consciousness." The possessed Rory looked at Amy.
"Is this the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with? What do you see in him?" Amy's eyes started brimming with tears.
"Rory, I......" The Doctor was looking around desperately for the right technology.
"Amy, don't listen to him. That's not your fiancé!" The possessed Rory carried on.
"Would he give his life to protect you? You'll never have a proper relationship when you're with the Doctor!" The Doctor was searching high and low for a containment device.
"I will tell you this. You will be seperated from this man forever. Maybe not here, but I can foresee it. One of you will die!" At that moment, a green essence began to drain from the possessed Rory. The Doctor was carrying a machine, draining the essence of Xarthas from Rory. The energy ceased to drain and the Doctor was blasted back. Rory woke up from a trance and saw Amy in tears.
"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, giving her a hug. The Doctor picked himself up and walked over to the console.
"Aha!" he exclaimed, looking at the monitor. "The fleet is dying. Some of the ships will detonate, others will fall to Earth. As a result, the humans will build better civilisations, and will get better resources from the Alpha technology. And Xarthas is dead now. He was trying to assimilate Rory and use him as a new body, but I used the Genetic Eliminator to get rid of him permanently. Anyway, the humans build a prosperous new civilisation. Do you want to see it?" Amy brushed back some tears.
"Yeah, love to." The Doctor smiled and pulled a series of levers and turned some dials. "2070!" the Doctor announced as the TARDIS landed. "By this time, the humans have pristine cities and new surroundings. Take a look," he said, indicating the TARDIS door. Amy, followed by Rory, left the TARDIS, but it wasn't long before they ran back in. They had horrified expressions on their faces, which the Doctor took as a hint that something wasn't right. He ran from the control room to the TARDIS doors and burst through them. He then realised what was wrong.

The skies were a sickly yellow colour. Hundreds of futuristic buildings surrounded the scene. Several alien life forms were strolling around, some passing the trio giving dirty looks to them. The Doctor couldn't believe his eyes.
"No way!" he said. "It can't be!"
"Doctor, this isn't Earth, is it?" asked Rory. The Doctor tried very hard to suppress himself.
"I'm afraid so," he said mournfully.
"How is that possible?" Amy asked incredulously.
"Well, it seems that some of the Alpha Fleet survived my virus. It also seems that they've wiped out the human race and terraformed the planet. This atmosphere won't keep us alive, though. There are more toxins than oxygen in the air. I'd say we have about twenty minutes to live before we suffocate. But first, I want to ensure that these snivelling rats have done what I think they've done." The Doctor said. He then ran towards one of the buildings and burst indoors. An alien walked towards him.
"How can I help you, primitive apes?" it asked.
"Where are the native inhabitants of this planet?" The Doctor asked, struggling to control himself. The alien seemed confused.
"We are," it replied. "We're the native inhabitants." The Doctor started to get angry.
"This is Earth or Sol 3, is it not?" The alien laughed.
"Oh, it hasn't been called that for nearly ten years now. This is Alphas now." The Doctor looked like he was going to lose it.
"WHERE ARE THE HUMANS?!" he roared.
"Oh, they've been wiped off the face of the universe. They are no more." The Doctor put his face in his hands. "No, this can't be! The humans are meant to survive!" The alien snorted.
"Oh, don't make me laugh! I've never found a race that's easier to kill!" The Doctor had an incredibly intimidating look on his face.
"You Alpha scum! Not only do you try to conquer the planet, you commit genocide and terraform it in the making! Well, do you know what? You disgust me! Why can't you leave the people of this planet alone! They have problems of their own to deal with!"
"Not so fast!" said the alien, as the Doctor, Amy, and Rory turned to leave. "You are not part of the Alpha Legion. You are humanoid. The Primary Function is for all humans to be exterminated." The alien took out a gun and pointed it at the Doctor.
"I'd love to see you try," said the Doctor, with pure hatred, before running out and heading back towards the TARDIS.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory ran back into the TARDIS and the Doctor began running around the console, pushing buttons and turning dials.
"Where are we going now?" Rory asked, looking exhausted.
"We need to stop the Alpha Legion from conquering Earth. We have to be careful that we don't cross our own timelines, so I'm aiming for when we left. July 2nd, 2060. 3:17pm. This is when the virus reaches the other ships in the fleet." The Doctor pulled a final lever and the TARDIS landed. Once again, the Doctor indicated the door to Amy and Rory and they stepped out. The flaming wreckage of Alpha ships surrounded the area as well as the dense wasteland. Rory and Amy saw that the White House was untouched. The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and joined them.
"Keep your eyes open for any survivors," he warned them. "I'll capture them and bring them back to their planets of origin to be incarcerated." The three of them split up and using their own seperate methods, captured a number of aliens and brought them back to their home planets. Back in the TARDIS, some time later, the Doctor wiped some sweat off his forehead.
"Right," he panted. "Now that that's dealt with, I don't see any harm in going back to 2070 and seeing the newly re-written future." He pulled a lever and the TARDIS engines started to roar. Amy started to get anxious.
"Are you sure about this?" The Doctor inhaled.
"No, but we have to try." The TARDIS landed, and this time, the Doctor ran out through the doors. He examined his surroundings top to bottom, and gave a sigh of relief. He then told Amy and Rory that it was safe to come out. The newlyweds left the TARDIS and looked at the impossible sight in front of them. Compared to the previous wasteland, they were unsure of how to take this in.

Several silver buildings, thousands surrounding them, hundreds of feet high, were in their view. Vehicles were hovering in the air, and the sun shone brightly. The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS again and joined the newlyweds.
"From the wreckage of the Alpha Fleet, a surprising amount of the technology was intact. The chassis from those buildings are actually from the outer hull of some of their ships. They also found benefits from anti-grav technology," he said, pointing to the vehicles overhead, flying around. "Also, the polar ice caps have been restored, thanks to sub-zero energy in the ship's vault." Amy was completely amazed.
"All this happens in sixty years?" The Doctor grinned.
"You'd be surprised how fast humans adapt and evolve. You're really amazing, in many aspects. You won't have FTL travel for another few decades, but the things you'll see thanks to it! You're capable of so many things, it's unreal. Walking out amongst the stars revolutionises your lives. From staying on this planet for a good part of my life, I've considered this life very tranquil, leaving out the innumerable alien attacks. However, it won't last forever. Nothing does. You learn to adapt to your surroundings as best you can. It's like back on Gallifrey. It always seemed peaceful and prosperous, then the Time War broke out, and I ended it." He drifted out of his reverie and turned to Amy.
"So, what do you think?" he said with a smile. "Onwards?" Amy smiled and turned to Rory.
"What do you think?" she asked him. Rory shrugged. 
"I don't mind," he replied. "As long as we stay together." Amy suddenly remembered when she got seperated from Rory.
"I'll make sure that doesn't happen again," Amy said. The Doctor wandered back into the TARDIS. He checked the Genetic Eliminator and saw that Xarthas' energy signature had been fully erased. The TARDIS phone began to ring. The Doctor picked it up.
"Hello?" Amy and Rory had walked back into the TARDIS. "Oh hello, Your Majesty!" continued the Doctor. "Really? You want us to come and help your colonies in the Solarian system out of the deadly clutches of an impending black hole?" He emphasised every word while looking at Amy and Rory, but they just rolled their eyes. "Not to worry, Your Majesty. We're on our way." The Doctor put down the phone and smiled mischievously at the newlyweds.
"It doesn't seem to end for you, does it?" asked Rory.
"Well, 907 years travelling the universe may seem tedious, but it never loses that spark of fun!" The Doctor began to manoeuvre the TARDIS with the various buttons and levers. It shook violently as it began to dematerialise.
"It really is hard to believe that you failed your exam for flying this!" Amy sighed. The Doctor chuckled, and continued to manoeuvre the TARDIS. As they left the year 2070, they didn't notice a crack in the ground exuding time energy.....

©Michael Lysaght 2010

The End

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