Asking for a raise.

I request an opportunity to meet with you to review my salary. I feel that this is the appropriate time for a salary review because I have recently made a significant contribution to the company.  I enjoy working here and would appreciate your advice on how to increase the reward for my contributions.

I was hired by you for my ability and experience in ....[review the reason they wanted you]I believe that an increase in my salary is now warranted

  • I have successfully taken responsibility for all of the accounts receivable. 
  • My      knowledge and skill in technology has allowed the company to not have you      around as much.  Employees become      more comfortable with you not being here because I pick up the slack.
  • I      have demonstrated an ability take initiative by attending the seminar in      Des Moines, which also offered a new outlook on things for the firm.
  • I      have taken initiative, for example with the tax letters.  I am learning to write these on my own,      and strive to do so.
  • I      have gone beyond the call of duty when asked to do complete the job of a      graphic designer.  I may have portrayed      some annoyance with the fact I put in countless hours in on the project      and did not meet the expectations of the requester.  However, in the end the job was completed      with great satisfaction.
  • I      work independently, keeping the cost of supervision to a minimum.
  • My      responsibilities have increased since I became a part of this company.
  • I      have demonstrated a commitment to the company.

I would like you to know that I view my future at the firm very positively. I want to continue to uphold my job duties and the expectations of the firm. I have been led to believe that you are satisfied with my work, so I am confident that you will want to sincerely consider my request.


The End

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