As much as you know

sooooo... this is pretty random and more or less a way to like... get random ideas out!!! perhaps at the end.. or middle... it'll be pretty good!!! basically... write whatever you want... i don't care... try to shy away from sexual fantasies... stuff like that... either way!!! write away!!!

As we look across the bleak plain, or plane (take it as you wish), there isn't much in existence. All we see is white, and some gray spots from time to time. Its almost as if this world is waiting to be added to. Oh! something seems to be forming. All we see is a blob right now. We see eyes on it, so it can see the bleakness too! It's almost one of us, but the difference is... It can't control things the way we do. We're the ones who can control its world, its path, its form, and its end. We are the gods. This... is were the story starts.

The End

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