AFA: Artist Call

Art For Awareness (AFA) ~ ‘Compassion’ Exhibit (cont'd)

By Nick Robinson 


April 24, 2014;

We have incredibly talented artists within our community, and it is a great benefit to the cultural health of our creative collective that there is a venue which aspires to support and promote them. And, with 10 more consecutive monthly exhibits set to feature the artwork of even more aspiring and exceptional artists, the range and diversity of future exhibits is bound to generate an abundance of unique and engaging shows.

Local artists interested in submitting their works for consideration in the next exhibit by AFA are invited to answer the Artist Call for submissions before the May 1st deadline. The next theme will be ‘Empowerment’, and artists are asked to contact Courtney Huntley, AFA Program Director, at:  

Furthermore; Colette Mesdag, AFA Gallery Creative Director, is hosting a ‘Preparing to Exhibit’ workshop to local artists on April 30, 2014 in the seminar room at CWC Barrie. This free workshop will start at 7:30pm, and end at 9pm. To learn ‘How to write artist statements and apply to exhibits’, interested artists are asked to contact Colette at: Seating is limited, so book your spot right away.

CWC Barrie and AFA would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to all who attended and contributed to the overwhelming success of this months exhibition opening. It was a solid 3 hours of Arts & Entertainment, social awareness, and community caring & sharing which exemplified this months theme of ‘Compassion’.

The End

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