Raising awareness of the key elements to living a happy and healthy life, through creativity and expression.

Art For Awareness (AFA) ~ ‘Compassion’ Exhibit

By Nick Robinson


April 24, 2014;

The Community Wholeness Centre (CWC) in Barrie, Ontario, hosted the AFA Exhibition opening reception for ‘Compassion’ this week. This open invitation, presented free to the community of Barrie and Simcoe County, launched the next theme in the AFA ‘Thread of Truth’ series. This artwork will now remain on display to the public in the centres gallery until May 14th; so if you missed the opening Gala, you will still be able to view the artwork from Monday to Friday, anytime between 9am to 6pm.

This month long open exhibition is the 2nd installment in a 12 part series that provides a genuine space for up to 15 local emerging and mid-career artists that need exposure, while offering them a safe place for growth. AFA’s mission to build acceptance and awareness on a sustainable foundation within a positive and healthy community gallery was conceptualized and initiated by Cory Van Der Vilet, owner and operator of Et & Amersand.

Van Der Vilet, a talented artist in her own right, saw the potential that CWC could provide for the large art community in Barrie and Simcoe County. This initial seed of an idea, gifted to CWC, is now evident in the exhibition space at the centre. In using monthly themes to harness the expression of art, the AFA program focuses on continuity of artistic expression, through showcasing art in a pattered flow.

Consequently, by having a monthly theme for each art installation, AFA is able to promote art in a more specific manner which allows the artist the opportunity to have their work showcased in a genre that reflects the elements of expression that are conveyed through their art.

Dave Reynolds, co-founder of CWC, described his guiding motivation for the series as such: “Through each monthly theme, we are raising awareness of the key elements to living a happy and healthy life, through creativity and expression.”  The artwork that now adorns the gallery walls at 59 Maple Ave is not only creative and expressive, it is magnificent and harmonious.

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