Around the Table

It was getting dark and besides - tomorrow was a school day. I called the kids in for a bath and dinner.

How I dreaded breaking the news. As I heard the customary "good night Renee" I wished I could put off the moment even further. "You tell them," I mouthed to my husband, who simply changed to another sports channel and acted like he didn't see a thing.

"Whats for dinner?" Tia asked as she bounded down the stairs in typical Tia, nothing-can-go-wrong fashion. My beautiful ten-year old - still so innocent in many ways, yet on the brink of pre-teenhood. I felt guilty at the prospect of spoiling her evening.

"The usual obviously", her sassy younger sister chirped in behind her. "Whatever!" I thought to myself. Tonight, at least, I wouldn't let their jibes about my cooking get to me.

"So guys, we have something to share with you," I bravely started, realising the futility of hoping Sam would bring up the topic first.

"Is it about moving to Northriding?", my eldest asked casually as she helped herself to her favourite, pasta and mince. "What the - - - " I spluttered, casting daggers eyes at Sam. They were all looking at me as if I had gone cuckoos. Sam was, in fact, just barely managing to hide his mirth as he spooned a-little-more-generous-than-usual serving of pasta onto his plate. That, in fact, was the only thing that gave him away.

"So you guys knew all I long", I finally managed to force out, sensing the beginnings of real anger. So I had spent all that time on the phone consulting with Cheryl about how best to break the news to the kids, for NOTHING? Ooooooooh!

"Of course we knew - you guys talk abou it all the time - when you think we're not listening"! That of course was Cindy my younger, never at a loss for words. Forget for now that she was the replica of me! I could have happily throttled her. The whole lot of them in fact!

And yet if I was honest, I was also kind of relieved. Suddenly this whole move didn't seem so huge any more. If the kids were cool with it, I could be cool with it also. It would be good for us. We could save more money and spend more time together - dont they say smaller houses bring families closer together? Suppressing a smile, I wondered if the girls knew they would have to share a room - - --

The End

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