Around the Table

I had everything ready.  I checked it once, twice, three times.  It had to be perfect cause if it wasn't.  I put that thought out of my mind, no matter what,  I would not allow myself to be baited and sucked into battle tonight.

The table cloth was a winter scene, I didn't care for the christmasy ones, just too many colors.  This one was white with silver and pale green perfect for my dishes.  I set the cups on the saucers, laid the spoons on top of the white and silver napkins.  I stood in the doorway..  it was perfect!  The doorbell chimed.

She walked in without acknowledging me, just brushing past me, throwing her drape on the back of the couch.  She plopped down and grabbed the remote.  Dad came in and hugged me, I felt him clutch me tight and I looked into his eyes, they pleaded with me.  I kissed his cheek and took his coat.  Passing by the couch I grabbed hers and placed them both in the guestroom. 

I asked them both to come into the kitchen for coffee, she suggested we have coffee in the living room.. I smiled, said no and told her I already had the table set and ready for coffee.  My dad moved towards the kitchen, she looked up at me, clucked her tongue and reluctantly put the remote down.

Dad commented on the table and how pretty it was, not her, so far, she hadn't said one word to me.  I poured the coffee and she opened her purse, something she kept a grip on..  She pulled out the little flask..

There it was.. her little bottle, the same one she'd had when I was in grade school, the same one she'd open and drink from while driving, the same one she'd drank from that day.. that day she ran the light and slammed into an oncoming car.. that same one she'd drank out of when she'd killed my twin... there it was.

I told her to put it back I had bought something just for her, just for this occasion..  She looked at me and mouthed the words "  something strong I hope?"  I smiled and shook my head yes.

Dad lived with us now.  He enjoyed his grandchildren, they enjoyed him.  I hadn't seen my father this happy, in fact, I'd never seen him this happy.  We are planning to introduce him to the lady next door, she is a widow... my dad is still a good looking man..  after all he went through, he deserves someone good in his life, I'm glad I could bring that about for him..   All it took was a little shellfish oil.. by the time the paramedics came,  she had gone into anaphylactic shock..  so simple, a little uncomfortable for her but.. much better than she deserved..  merry xmas dad..

The End

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