Around the Table

If he could just crawl into a corner and disappear.  How to even start?

Tommy sat across the table, he smiled at his father.  He was 25 now, he hoped this wasn't going to be another talk..  He was a little too old for that now plus, he was about to be married in a week.

"Dad, you wanted to talk to me?"

He watched his father twist his fingers, he walked back and forth, whatever it was, it was pulling at him..  He took a few more steps, then plopped down in the chair.  He rested his head on his hand took in a deep breath and began to speak.

"Son, you know.. I love you, I would do nothing, nothing in this world to hurt you, intentionally.."

His fathers eyes filled with tears,

"What is it, dad, come on, it can't be that bad, you know you can tell me anything"

They had always been close but, they'd become closer since his mother had passed three years earlier.  It was fair to say they were more than father and son, they were best friends.  Now he watched as something, ate at his best friend, he couldn't imagine what could be that bad.

"I've been seeing Susan..."  

Staring at his father, he heard but he couldn't comprehend what he'd heard.   "You've been seeing su.. Susan.. what are you saying?

His head felt heavy as he took it all in, his father and his fiance`,  Blood pounded in his ears as he listened,   he laid his head down on the table and felt the cool surface against his cheek.  Susan and his father.

"Son, I am so sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen, please don't hate me.."

He sat up then and looked into the eyes he'd known from a child, he saw sorrow but, he wondered what Susan saw when she'd looked up into them..  It was all too much for him...  Rising from the table, he walked over to his father and put his arms around his neck..

"Nothing will ever stop me from loving you, afterall, you are my father.. but, I will never trust you nor will I ever call you friend again."

So there it was, it wasn't so bad now, he was numb, he didn't feel anything, not even his own heartbeat, he had no heart, not anymore, it was lying on the floor under the table..  He had no tears, he was not angry, he was simply.. numb.  Not even the flash or,  the loud bang brought him back..

The End

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