New seasons, new beginnings

"Isn't it fitting that we are moving in spring", I asked Sam musingly, while I hauled a big suitcase full of the girls' clothes up the short flight of steps.

My husband merely grunted and nodded. On hands and knees, he was busy setting up and connecting the TV, decoder and all those other trappings that I had no idea about. In typical Sam fashion, his priorities were spot on! We could go to sleep with all out stuff in boxes - that wouldn't bother him one little bit. Just as long as he could have his dose of Supersport at the end of the day, as far as he was concerned, the move would be complete.

I actually envied him the simplicity of his approach to life. He didn't concern himself with too many things - he knew his priorities in life, and simply set about ordering everything around those.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I watched my two girls drag their toy boxes out of the car. I had to admit they continued to amaze me by how well they took this whole move. Already I could see that they had a small crowd of potential new friends forming curiously around them, and I knew they would be fine.

"Girls - who's got my phone???" I shouted. Engrossed in the attention they were getting from their onlookers, they either did not hear me, or chose not to hear me. "I need to order Chinese!" That seemed to do the trick, even though it wasn't necessarily said any louder than my earlier question. My phone surfaced from somewhere, and I placed the order.

Lunch that day was not around the usual table, but it was significant, the first of many happy lunches here, I hoped. We had an unlikely assortment of Chinese food arrayed on an upturned empty box. For my husband - duck chow mein. For Cindy - always the diva - sushi. And for me and Tia - sweet and sour pork and noodles. That was the one constant in our lives at that point - the usual Chinese order.

As we said grace and tucked in, I looked at the crazy bunch around me. It didn't matter where we were  - as long as I had these three around me - life was good!

The End

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