Just leave.Mature

As you stumble out into the stagnant Spring air of May, you feel quite courageous. Nothing is better than breathing fresh air after spending your life in a basement. Something about this feeling has you seeking adventure, something besides an average day. In fact, you see no harm in just skipping class altogether.

You throw down your bag, which is nearly empty anyway, and take a right turn down the opposite street towards the city and the trailer parks. Several girls who know who you are spot you and approach. One of them is significantly short. She has long black straight hair and a face with round but unpleasantly arranged features. Another has medium brown hair, she is taller and seems to be staying close to the shorter girl, as if for companionship or maybe even to protect her. The third has curly, red, short hair and several peircings. Despite her offputting appearance, she has a shy stance.

The short one seems to lead this group with the brown haired girl as her close beta. The red-head seems reluctant to follow them but still does so. You can immeadiately tell she is not as influential as the other girls.

"Little boy, do you go to our high school?" the short one inquires. You are confused and slightly insulted, since you are pretty sure that they are two classes below you. You still answer, "Yes, I am a Senior there." The one with brown hair looks down and giggles annoyingly. You also look down and notice you are wearing some sort of floral print blazer. It must have been one of the things stored in your closet when you moved in.

All three girls are now laughing, the short one being the loudest. Then you look at her and begin to laugh along nervously. She stops laughing and narrows her already small eyes. "Do you know who I am?" she says as her pupils dialate. You shift back slightly while saying "I have seen you around, but I've yet to know your name."

"Claudia," she interjects. "This is Sabrina" she says while motioning to the brunette. She motions the opposite way to say "and this is Dianne", she looks at you for a moment through her paprika colored curls.

The End

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