Look in mirror and wash face.Mature

You turn on the light in your bathroom. The flourescent bulbs make your eyes ache. You release the hot water knob and scrub your face in your hands. As you finish, something catches your eye. In the mirror, you notice that you are wearing some sort of strange floral print blazer. It must have been some of the stuff that's in storage inn your closet. "Note to self" you think to yourself. "Always get dressed with the lights on". 

You also remember that you have to piss and unzips your pants. As you are peeing, you have forgotten about your morning erection. Your stream has missed the toilet slightly and has landed on your back pack. "Ball sack" you say out loud as you paw through the papers and assess the damage. The three-thousand word essay you have written for your scholarship application is now soaked in yellow. The blue ink is now leaving ugly green streaks on everything it touches.

Having your hands covered in piss and ink, you wipe them on the ugly floral blazer right before taking it off comepletely as you think aloud "Oh well, no scholarship can help me get into college with the grades I have anyway".

You dump all the pissy papers in the trash and leave your house with the correct shirt on and your bag considerably lighter, and smellier.

The End

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