"Apathy" monologue

Apathy is the most dangerous thing a person can feel. Not at first, maybe, but after a while... you get desperate. Eager to regain sense, you'll do anything to feel something. Kiss a stranger, take a hit, skip a class- anything to get you out of that low, dark place. You do things you know you'll regret; if only to taste the slightest tinge of emotion. Good, bad, you don't care, if it's something other than bland grey, it's fine by you. (Beat) You start playing pretend to chase away the dark. It gets to the point where if you turn off the lights, and close your eyes tight enough... it's almost believable that you're where you want to be. Well...(pause) not quite. But what do you care? (Beat) And you become comfortably numb. You start to lose hope. You become complacent, quietly accepting what you're sure is the truth: that you'll forever be trapped in your game of make-believe. (Beat)

And then suddenly, just when you think you're about to slip as low as you ever could,  the game really isn't a game anymore. You find a way out of that dark place, and find a permanent light. (Beat) At for the first time in too long, you feel something....something...(pause) good. That thing you've been chasing, trying to coax out of every failed relationship, every aborted tryst, is just... there. Finally, after too long with nothing, you get your something. (beat) You get your happy. (Beat) You get your love. (Beat) And you keep your scars.

Apathy is dangerous.

The End

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