Band Camp

Well, this is the first thing I'm posting since June 24th. Wow, I really have neglected this place, haven't I? :(

WELL, my brother's heading into college and my band camp starts on Monday, the day I get my braces off. And I play the trumpet.

Ah, band camp. Three solid weeks of torture from two to nine, chock-full of set-finding and memorizing and running the same drill over and over and over.

(Set: the coordinates of where you go on the football field during the drill)

(Drill: the whole show)

While remembering your drill, you MUST MUST MUST remember the "checklist"!

  1. Feet at approximately 72 degrees while at a hold or before or after the drill
  2. Knees in line with your ankles
  3. Hips in line with your knees
  4. Make the space between the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs as stretched out as possible. This is your "shock absorber" for when you march so your head doesn't bob up and down.
  5. Shoulders in line with your hips, but relaxed
  6. Face looking straight forward, not at the ground!

(when instrument is down)

       7.   Instrument about a thumb and a fist away from your chest

       8.   Parallel to your body (brass players)

       9.   Forearms straight with your hands so that you could put a ruler on them

      10.  Elbows out at about 90 degrees and at an equal level like you're laying them                    on a table

(when instrument is up)

        7.   Mouthpiece on your mouth at all times

        8.   Same thing with the elbows as above

        9.   Same thing with forearms as above, too

       10. Instrument is pointed a little higher up than parallel to the ground (brass)

So you see, it's no walk in the park! Plus, we have to wear heavy outfits and funny hats while we perform which makes us sweat our butts off! And then at competitions, people score us on how well we can do it.

But when we see our score go up during the season, it's worth it.

When we play music at football games in the stands, it's worth it.

When we stand up on the band bus and sing the alma mater as we go up the hill to our school and slap our hands on the bus roof after our long ride home, it's definitely worth it.

The End

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