I was going through my room; cleaning, organizing, and the like.  I found a basket of old letters, cards, and notes.  With curious fingers, I cautiously opened the note that sat on top.  I laughed as the memories flooded back to me. 

The note had been given to me by my oldest friend before she moved.  She had sprayed the paper with her signature perfume.  "Life takes us places we don't want to go." she had written.  Even though years had passed after I read those words for the first time, they still held the same truth.

Birthday cards from blooming friends; some that had wilted before they could fully shine. 

Thank you cards from celebrations past.

And as I conclude this wonderful, journey down memory lane; with tears falling silently out of my eyes, I wonder:

If I showed the writer's these cards:  would they remember?

The End

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