Trying My Pen at Sonnets

Sonnet One

  1.  As I gaze into His wonderous eyes
  2. I fade from this life into fantasy
  3. With Him, I will fly high into the sky
  4. Freeing my spirit from reality.
  5. When he seems gone, I know I'm not alone
  6. Always He is with me, day to night
  7. He has given His love for me to own
  8. Without His love and His grace, I have no life.
  9. Always, He is there, shinning like the sun.
  10. His arms open wide, calling out my name.
  11. I fall in His embrace, my only one
  12. Knowing my life will never be the same.
  13. My life had changed from the moment we met
  14. I am starting again with no regrets
The End

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