Another Revelation

As I step back from a bittersweet environment filled with the various vices and virtues of humanity, I now realize all that the forces of evil tried to steal from me.

          If I had given in and erased myself completely from the face of the earth, I can’t even imagine all of the sensational experiences I would’ve missed out on. I would never know what high school and college are like, or meet a multitude of intriguing new people. Oh, the books I wouldn’t read, the stories that wouldn’t be written, the husband I wouldn’t marry, the children I wouldn’t have! All of these things and so much more would remain as mysteries to me.

          But now, I have set a sail once more, on a new ship, to seek answers to all of my questions. I’ve embarked with open eyes and ears, not to mention an open heart, mind, and soul. True, I will love and lose, be broken and bemused, wronged and wrong. I will witness humankind’s destruction and downfall, but also its redemption and resurgence.

          Hence, I have come to accept the fact that in the end, each and every mortal being will have long since proven and exploited his or her own wickedness, whether intentionally or not. But even so, there will only be a few who thoroughly fail themselves. Furthermore, within those few will be but one who possesses all of the faults of humanity and then some, and that one will be beyond redemption in every aspect.

          As the imperfect yet hopeful people of the world cry out, “We shall be saved! We shall be saved!”, the beast will attempt to capture and obliterate the most innocent and optimistic of them all. But if these chosen ones have strength interwoven into their essence, so as to have the deepest kind of faith, then they will not only save themselves, but the whole world as well.

The End

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